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Spiritual diagnosis

Spiritual diagnosis

The diagnosis is recommended to identify what is going to work through a systemic methodology to recognize the origin of the problems. This is done by Samak at a distance by reading your energy through muscular response.

We will identify: physical problems, energy level, open or closed chakras, acupuncture meridians, energy level, soul percentage, energy damage, witchcraft or spirits, type of witchcraft, other damage such as curses, bad vibes, etc. We will detect the origin of these damages; in this life, past lives, transgenerational, of another origin. We will identify if there are any problems related to your home or work. Finally we will determine the therapies you need to be in balance. Samak accompanies you deeply in the process.

The diagnosis will guide us about the steps to follow, determining how many sessions you need. Such therapies range from cleansing and harmonization, to changing unconscious patterns, past life regressions, astrology, healings, magic, etc. We will plan what is required for you to enter a state of balance and for everything to flow in your life.

Price: $ 900 MXN or $ 45 USD

  • Important

    Once the payment has been made, you must schedule the appointment at +52 55 7665 7859.
    If you wish to change your appointment already scheduled, you must do so 48 hours in advance , otherwise it will not be possible to make a change to it and it will be taken as a consultation made or given.

  • Doubts

    Contact the Mundo Alquimist team via email at or by phone / Whatsapp at +52 55 27428032.

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