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  • Learn in 22 classes of 1:30 hrs. about the magical world of runes.


In ancient times the unknown was called a rune. It was the written language of the Norse named futhark


The Vikings, Celts and Germans used them to magnify and give qualities to objects and actions.


  • Besides being a written system, they were an oracular and magical system.

  • Discover the advice they can give you in relation to what you have done so far.

  • Discover its power and magical application.


Develop your magical and divinatory faculties through your work with the runes and their correspondence with the Norse myths.

You will learn about historical-ethnographic contents such as magic and oracular (advice).


  • Si quieres conocer más sobre la mitología nórdica.

  • Si deseas aprender un método de oráculo

  • Si deseas usar el futhark con fines mágicos



  • If you want to know more about Norse mythology.

  • If you want to learn an oracle method

  • If you want to use the futhark for magical purposes




  • Historical foundations

  • The Vikings

  • Norse mythology

  • The Ydgrasil

  • The Norse Gods

  • The three worlds

  • Runes alphabet

  • First aettir - aettir de feoh

  • Second aettir - aettir de haegl

  • Third aettir - aettir of tyr

  • Consecration

  • Runic rituals

  • Magical use of runes

  • How to make a set of runes

  • Introduction to the Oracle of Runes

  • Rune rolls


Start: October 18, 2021


Duration: 22 classes (5 months) of 1:30 hrs


Contribution: $ 1,200 MXN or $ 60 USD per month


Platform: Live Zoom Webinar. Webinar classes and videos in Google classroom.

Your payments are safe through the Pay Pal platform, we also have for you the option of making a deposit or transfer , for this it is necessary to contact our Alquimist Advisor who will provide you with the information and help necessary to make your payment.

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Who teaches?

Samak Artemis

Samak, Wiccan Priestess, with 7 published books and known as one of the most influential pagan women in Mexico. She has her radio show "I'm a witch, so what!" With an extensive academic and professional career (PhD), she is a therapist, teaches classes at Universities and at its Academy of Magic and Alchemy.

She is recognized among the 15 most influential people in paganism in Mexico. He is a member of various fraternities and frequently participates in radio and television programs. Founder of Mundo Alquimist and the Brotherhood of Hekate; His gifts and multidisciplinary studies have helped him find a higher perspective on life and guide others on their spiritual path and the development of the virtues of being.

"Learn about your future, your present, your challenges and possibilities"