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We hope you enjoy this magical connection, discovering and developing your magic in our courses and complete trainings. In the Mundo Alquimist team we are happy that you are here, where you can discover techniques and tools to develop your gifts and abilities.


We will be glad that you can explore and enjoy this page created especially for you, with content that will help you find your spiritual path.





Estoy aquí para acompañarte en la exploración de tus dones y desarrollar tu potencial mágico y espiritual. 

Soy Samak, y esto es lo que hago para ti: 

1. Soy psicóloga y bruja, experta en encontrar y sanar aquello que limita tu felicidad, espiritualidad y el desarrollo de tus dones, mediante diversas terapias. 
2. Soy profesora y fundadora de mi Escuela de Magia y Alquimia, donde aprenderás sobre Wicca, Hechicería, Sanación con cristales, plantas y energía, Tarot, Astrología y ocultismo, para desarrollar tus facultades mágicas. 
3. Soy escritora e investigadora, con 7 libros publicados para que descubras los misterios de las brujas, la magia, las energías, espíritus y la astrología espiritual. 

Para los magos y aquellos que aún no saben que lo son, estoy aquí. 

Me encantará acompañarte en tu proceso de despertar.

About Samak

Recognized as one of the most influential people in Mexico, said by various publications of the esoteric medium, Gloria Judith Martínez Bejarano better known as Samak, shares her experience and professional knowledge as part of the contribution to the world of occultism from a point of view supported by a high-level and avant-garde university academic training.


Originally from Mexico City, Samak lived supernatural events from her childhood that she could not understand; so she always had the concern to venture into the mysterious world of the paranormal. From these events, she became involved in everything related to the subject, without allowing herself to deviate from her professional training.


She studied two degrees, one in Marketing at ITESM CCM, and the other in Psychology at UNAM.


She completed three master's degrees: one in Body and Bioenergetic Logoanalysis (Psychology) at the Vox Populi University, another in Philosophy with a specialty in Philosophy of Religions at UNAM and the last one in Astrogenealogy.


She has a wide variety of diplomas, such as: Diploma in Chinese Cosmology, History and Technique of Religions, New educational and didactic model, Invocation, Transpersonal Psychology and Happiness & Fullfillment.


In 2015 she had a stay in England where she studied the Viable System Model at the University of Hull, an institution that stands out for being the most recognized in systems thinking worldwide.


In 2017 she received a PhD in Systems Engineering from the IPN with the transdisciplinary topic of education, Ethics, Sustainability and Psychology.


She is currently studying the Post-doctorate at the Complexity Center (C3) of the UNAM with research on happiness, mission and awakening of consciousness.


Career path:

In the beginning, she worked for a few years in the private sector for an important transnational company, which gave her the opportunity to travel around the world, travelling to the 5 continents, getting involved in the culture of each of the countries that gave her the opportunity to know. Despite her career success with other jobs, her guidance turned her working life into pursueing what has always been her passion: occult science teaching, research and practice.


For more than 8 years he has taught humanities classes at the ESIME of the IPN, as well as Philosophy and Strategic Planning at various Universities.


She is the creator of Philosustainability, a current that promotes love of nature and everything that makes it sustainable. It is based on the Philosophy of Nature which considers that everything is alive, everything goes back to divinity and it is our job to take the teachings of nature, take care of it in respect and connect with its wisdom at all times.


She has given different workshops and conferences nationally and internationally.

Founder of the Alchemist Study Center, now Alchemist World where she teaches courses, training and consultations. She is the host of her radio program "I am a witch so what?" She publishes a monthly bulletin in magic and astrology topics and has published 7 books. One of them is a scientific book on philosophy called Logos, language and symbol.

My gift to the world is to help discover its magic

Book, A Witch's Diary

Samak Books




Everything you need to know about witchcraft, how to free yourself and protect your energy. A world of magic with spells, protections, keys, magical uses of plants and more contained in one book.



Find out if you are a witch. A book that demystifies with history and experience in the world of magic the ignorant and evil figure of the witch, includes a classification of 15 different types of witch.




The knowledge embodied in this book is the result of more than 20 years of experience in the path of magic, it is a safe and well-founded guide to understand how your energy works and how you can protect it from any attack.



The life of a Wiccan priestess, what she thinks, how she lives, what happens to her. Spells, keys and more. The book is structured with common questions about witches that Samak answers in a wise and fun way.



A story that tells us about the birth of the human being related in an analogous way to the development of multidimensional consciousness. The author managed to consolidate so many years of study and spiritual and philosophical path in the gestation process of Morgana, a "special" girl.



Samak in his faculty of medium, channeled the messages of the gods in meetings about the energies of each planet and what they have to tell us.

Samak in the media