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"Learn to read minds"

Has it happened to you that you know what other people think without them having told you?

Then you have a special faculty: TELEPATHY , don't waste it!

Also do not be discouraged if the answer was NO because you can develop it

Do you want to know how?  


Alchemist World presents this course that will help you discover and activate this faculty in you, you will discover the different ways and techniques to read the mind, Samak will give you different tips and suggestions so that since you take the course you can activate and practice telepathy.

Eliminate all your doubts about this skill and start practicing it , you will be able to communicate without the need for words.


  • The gift of telepathy and its classification

  • Who can develop it

  • Find out if you have this gift from birth through the lines in the palm of your hand

  • Hypnosis to open yourself up to telepathy

  • Awareness exercises

  • Intuition cards

  • Telepathy exercises

Modality: in online videos through the Google Classroom platform

You will have access to materials and content for life and will allow you to go at your own pace

  Duration:   2 hours

Price: $ 260 MXN or $ 13 USD


Samak Artemis

Priestess, writer and Wiccan researcher with 7 published books and an extensive academic and professional career, Samak's life mission is to help you develop your gifts and abilities through magic. She is backed by more than 20 years of learning and practice in the world of magic.




  • You will discover what telepathy is and what other faculties exist.


  • You will connect with your potential and your gifts .


  • Exercises and practices to read thoughts.


  • You will activate this faculty in yourself through meditation .


  • You will receive printable intuition cards.


  • Material and recommendations to continue your practices in your day to day.


  • You will receive the course presentation in PDF format.


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Four magic potions to fill your spells with strength and activate your magic.

Activate your intuition , with this Kit and your daily practice you will soon be reading thoughts .


What does the KIT contain?


  • Consecrate oil to make your magic tools and objects sacred.

  • Prophetic dreams , potion to have lucid and revealing dreams.

  • Clairvoyance , potion to place in your third eye and wrists.

  • Fairies , potion to attract and consecrate your fairies.

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