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"The ancient art of transformation and achievement of changes at will"

Learn to cast spells and give them intention . Here you will learn from the bases what you need in terms of steps to follow, rituals, tools, ingredients and knowledge . It doesn't matter if you've never cast a spell or are already a consummate witch , keep your channel open and continue to learn from this ancient art of magic . G eneral changes at will and learn from the basic premises for your spells have greater power and effectiveness, learn everything you need to exponentiate the realization of your desires.




  • Introduction to Magic

  • Wicca, witchcraft and sorcery

  • Concepts: incantation, spell, chanting, enchant, consecrate, etc.

  • Wizard Rules

  • Great magicians

  • Magic System

  • Power and energy management

  • Steps of the ritual

  • Tools and catalysts

  • Magical herbalist

  • Magic by colors, days, energies

  • Magic symbols

  • Knot magic

  • Potions, perfume and dispenser

  • Powder

  • Sacks

  • Incense

  • Spells

  • Witch bottle


Price: $ 2700 MXN - USD $ 140

Modality: Hotmart online platform

Duration: approximately 8 hours of content


Samak Artemis

Samak, Wiccan Priestess, with 7 published books and known as one of the most influential pagan women in Mexico. She has her radio show "I'm a witch, so what!" With an extensive academic and professional career (PhD), she is a therapist, teaches classes at Universities and at its Academy of Magic and Alchemy.

She is recognized among the 15 most influential people in paganism in Mexico. He is a member of various fraternities and frequently participates in radio and television programs. Founder of Mundo Alquimist and the Brotherhood of Hekate; His gifts and multidisciplinary studies have helped him find a higher perspective on life and guide others on their spiritual path and the development of the virtues of being.




  • If you still do not know much about magic, with the introduction of this course you will have a greater knowledge that allows you to start exploring it in your life.


  • You will know the necessary elements to carry out your spells and to exponentiate their effects.


  • You will carry out important changes in your life , since with the information in this course you will develop your ability and intuition to create spells with your personal touch of a witch.


  • You will receive the course MANUAL.


  • You will know how to use the tools and catalysts for different purposes .


  • Method and guide to identify the ideal elements, dates, ingredients or materials so that your spells can fulfill their objective.  


  • Practices and meditations .


  • You will be able to carry out changes at will .


  • You will receive DIPLOMA .




Mirna Elizabeth Mimenza

The spell course was very explicit, I learned to know all the necessary elements for the spells to have more power, for example some tools such as: the energies of the weekdays, the Moons, the runes, candles, essences, plants, incenses , oils and many more things was very cool !!! Thanks 🙏 to Samak for sharing your knowledge.


Danae Mendoza

Witchcraft has been a very educational course, I found it wonderful, the explanation has been clear and expands to cover many points and solve doubts, it was totally worth it and it leaves me excited about what comes next.
I have learned different methods to obtain a result, how to do it correctly and try not to make mistakes, history, bases and fundamentals to understand beyond what calls me to perform these acts of magic and now I can see them more as a great support to fulfill my construction site.

It has certainly helped me to advance in the process of developing my skills, to have a complete guide to perform the spells correctly and to respect what I do and who I call to obtain the desired result, just as it helped me to be more grateful and to receive and return all that energy.


I definitely recommend it, it is an incredible and complete course.


Maricela camacho

We must always be willing to continue learning and know how to move energies through spells and what better than with our beloved Samak who guides us through her great wisdom. A course for both the apprentices and those who have been in this beautiful art for a long time, thank you Miss and all my colleagues, to the people who collaborate. I am very happy for these 3 days.


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