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What is it to be a witch?

To be a witch is to be connected with the Source and its Force, it is to be a great sorceress, magician, herb, healer, lover, mother, warrior, it is to be a great wise woman ...


How do I know if I am a witch?

When they come to my classes or we talk, several people tell me that they are very interested in the subject but they do not know if they are witches.

Is witchcraft a religion?

Witchcraft was considered in ancient times as a religion (Old Witchcraft) today it is known as Wicca and is considered a tradition, there are some who consider witchcraft as a practice.

Learn about the ways in which witchcraft and the word witch are defined in my book " I am a Witch" and in the following Video .

Is being a witch bad?

Tell me if being a witch is harmful. Being a witch is recognizing and awakening your own magic by activating your psychic gifts, enlivening your other senses such as clairvoyance, to find answers and paths. More in The Diary of a Witch second edition.

Why were witches demonized?

Originally natural magic was not considered harmful by Catholicism since people were used to consulting the healers for issues of disease, love, money and more; only demonic witchcraft was punished, but over time it was said that wise women obtained their sublime knowledge from demons who whispered the answers to them, such a degree of wisdom could not be had by a simple woman. Find more in " I am a Witch" . .


What is Wicca?

Wicca, also known as Modern Witchcraft, or Old Tradition, is "a path of connection with nature and its magic, it is reconnecting with yourself and activating your own magic."

You are someone who worships nature and perceives divinity as the masculine and feminine consciousness; you become part of a multidimensional world, recognizing other dimensions and realms. It is reconnecting and alienating yourself with the stellar forces, of nature, the Great Goddess and her cycles and magic. It is communicating and working with the ancestral energies, from other worlds, such as fairies, gods and guides. It is reconnecting with the sacred and your divinity through rituals that remind you of who you are and your role in the world as a server and discoverer of mysteries. Find more in the books I Am a Witch and The Diary of a Witch .

Witches worship the Goddess, so is Wicca a feminist religion?

In the Wiccan tradition we work with the feminine energy of divinity.

If feminism means: Doctrine and social movement that calls for women to recognize capacities and rights that have traditionally been reserved for men. SO YES, WE ARE, in addition to citing all of the above.

We are full, complete and wise women, that is being a witch.

See more in: Witchcraft: "A religion of women"

What do witches believe?

Witches believe in a great force that is divided into male and female. We work with the three faces of the God and the Goddess. One of the main symbols is the TRIPLE MOON .

Symbol that connects with the power of the Moon and empowers the goddess in you, it can also be used to elevate magic and joy.

The triple moon of the triple Celtic goddess, represents the combination of three feminine forces: the maiden, the mother and the old sorceress or old woman, each of which symbolizes a separate stage in the life cycle of women.

"We believe in the Great Power, the Great Source, the Great Force, the Great Spirit, they are the same. It is an immeasurable, infinite, abysmal and powerful force that is in everything that exists; it is a supreme intelligence". Fragment of a witch's diary.

Can you study to be a witch?

Yes, of course. When you enter the Old Tradition the paths open for you, the gifts begin to fall. It is a path of wisdom, so you have to develop the different faculties of the witch as topics of: sorcery, advination, psychism, tradition, alchemy, magic, crystals, fairies, elemental forces and many more, you can study all this here in Alchemist World. Go to School of Magic.

Where to start?

I recommend that you start by taking the Witchcraft 1 course where you will learn what the witch tradition is about.

You can go to the spell blog on this page to learn more and to Samak's occult blog. Visit the Samak networks to stay informed.

I also recommend reading the book " The diary of a witch " where you will learn about the beliefs and daily life of a witch and " I am a witch " to familiarize yourself with the subject.

What courses do they give at the Alchemist Academy?

We give 4 complete trainings of more than a year for a comprehensive knowledge and spiritual development. We take you by the hand in your magical and spiritual advancement and development. We have 23 courses for you from 3 to 14 hours, all online, some on demand (in videos) and others are webinars. We also have a series of short workshops and some free courses. Go to School of Magic.

Most of the courses are in Videos, on platforms such as google classroom, hormart and udemy. There are only a few that are webinars, live online.





















Will they accompany me in the learning process?

When you contact us or enter a course, you are assigned an academic advisor who will help you solve your doubts. With us you are part of a chat : that of the gifts of the witch, where we are informing you about updates and solving your doubts. Also in long formations Samak gives monthly meditations and in Witchcraft 13 you have follow-up phone calls with her.

We also have a forum on this page where we will answer your questions.

Are there courses for children?

Very soon we will launch the Junior Alchemist Academy, we are very happy to announce it.

Can I sell or promote Alquimist courses?

Yes of course. We are part of a group called "Magic Woman" where we all help each other. In addition, you can promote Samak courses, mainly those that are in Hotmart, you can join as an affiliate and you are paid a commission for each course that you sell from it.

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What is it to become a witch ?

To be a witch is to reconnect with your inner sacred and nature, it means to awaken your gifts and your magic, it is to connect with the Universe and the kingdoms of this ancient wisdom, it is to be able to help others in their health, energy, money and love issues. 

Why  Alquimist  ?

  • You are coached  by an expert person , recognized as one of the most influential in paganism in Mexico.

  • You will learn accompanied @, in a safe and well documented way.

  • You will come out very well prepared @ , ready @ to help. 

  • Through conselling you can solve your main problems.

  • You will achieve a REAL TRANSFORMATION .

  • You will share with a community of witches like you. 

¿Me acompañarán en el proceso de aprendizaje?

Cuando entras en contacto con nosotros o entras a un curso se te asigna un asesor académico que te ayudará resolviendo tus dudas. Con nosotros formas parte de un chat: el de los dones de la bruja, donde te estamos informando sobre actualizaciones y resolviendo tus dudas. Además en las formaciones largas Samak da meditaciones mensuales y en Witchcraft 13 tienes llamadas telefónicas con ella de seguimiento. 

Además contamos con un foro en esta página donde resolveremos tus dudas. 

¿Hay cursos para niños?

Ya está abierta Academia Alquimist Junior, estamos muy felices por haber iniciado.​

¿Yo puedo vender o promocionar los cursos de Alquimist?

Claro que sí. Formamos parte de un grupo llamado "Mujer Magia" donde entre todos nos ayudamos. Además tú puedes promover los cursos de Samak, principalmente los que están en Hotmart, puedes unirte como afiliado y se te paga una comisión por cada curso que vendas de ella. 


How do I know if I am being witchcrafted?

There are certain symptoms to see if they are doing witchcraft to you. You can learn about them in Samak's book or in the free Symptoms course.


How to get rid of witchcraft?

I recommend you go to the next page where we explain some steps.

What is witchcraft and what types of witchcraft are there?

Learn about everything related to witchcraft, how to eradicate it, types of witchcraft, remedies, spells, the magical uses of plants, how to make sacks, breezes, magic powders, the use of candles and much more in the " Treatise of energies and psychic defense volume II ".

Why do people do witchcraft?

There is a psychological pattern of violence, usually people who were excluded, suffered emotional or physical deficiencies or, there was an aggressive environment at home, this leads them to feel insecure and little, leading them to envy and wish evil to others.

There are also individuals who want to control the free will of others and since they do not have the material or emotional means to achieve it, they resort to supernatural means.

Although it may not seem like it, doing witchcraft is more common than we imagine.

We help you identify if you have any damage from witchcraft, request a diagnostic consultation with Samak.

What amulet should I wear to protect myself?

The amulet is an object which has the objective to preserve something, to protect from any harm or evil. It also has a function of attracting some type of energy; for example: good luck.

The word amulet comes from the Latin amuletum, the attributed meaning is "object that protects a person against a problem", they are objects to which they attribute supernatural qualities.

In the book " Treatise on energies and psychic defense Volume I " you can find a list of the main protection amulets and choose the one that is most suitable for you.

Find more information in the amulets publication from the blog

How do I protect myself?

It can be with an amulet, with plants, activating your power animal, invoking the gods and much more. You can learn more of that in the Treatises of energies and psychic defense of Samak and in you can learn in depth in the training of the ABC of energy and witchcraft .

How can I learn to remove psychic damage?

Learn everything in the training of the ABC of energy and witchcraft and consult helping many people with this fundamental knowledge for a a healer or a witch.

Do spirits stick together? Why?

When your chakras are not well balanced, your aura will not be well sealed and you drain the pranic liquid, from which the entities feed.

When human beings die, they do not leave, they are disconnected from the supreme light and take the light from living beings, mainly humans and some animals.

Learn all about the chakras in the course on chakras and crystals and know all about the entities in the "Treatise on energies and psychic defense Volume III" (coming soon).

What is it to become a witch ?

To be a witch is to reconnect with your inner sacred and nature, it means to awaken your gifts and your magic, it is to connect with the Universe and the kingdoms of this ancient wisdom, it is to be able to help others in their health, energy, money and love issues. 

Why  Alquimist  ?

  • You are coached  by an expert person , recognized as one of the most influential in paganism in Mexico.

  • You will learn accompanied @, in a safe and well documented way.

  • You will come out very well prepared @ , ready @ to help. 

  • Through conselling you can solve your main problems.

  • You will achieve a REAL TRANSFORMATION .

  • You will share with a community of witches like you. 


Can you help me?

If you feel bad and everything is terrible and there is no apparent cause or if you want to feel full and happy, I will gladly accompany you in your process.


Can you read my hand?

Learn about an introspective view of your deepest character, needs and desires, and your attitude to past, present, and future circumstances.

What types of therapies does Samak give?

In a very professional way, Samak gives energetic and emotional consultations, as well as physical and spiritual balance, some of the therapies are:

  • Damage cleaning and harmonization

  • Unconscious pattern changes

  • Tarot reading

  • Past life regressions

  • Astrological consultation.

  • Hand reading

  • Talk to your spirit guides

  • Healing

Among many others.


What is the price of the therapies?

Prices start at USD $ 45. If you are in a process or are a member of the Alquimist Club, discounts apply.

How are the sessions?

All sessions are remote by zoom or video call, from any country and Samak can assist you.

They only work by appointment, once your payment has been made, request the appointment at cel: +52 55 76657859

Can I learn to give consultations?

Yes of course!

If you want to give consultations like Samak, you must study the ABC of energy and witchcraft . It is always recommended to have taken the Witchcraft 13 training because there you learn the fundamentals and for your energy to be the highest and your work to work, a spiritual development is required, so it is recommended to have also studied Astrology and Alchemy , which They are 2nd and 3rd grade at Magic School.

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What is a spell?

A spell is a magical act to make changes at will.


Can I do spells?

Of course you can!

Or learn from this wonderful art to design your life through natural magic.

Can you give me a spell for: love, money, health and protection?

Haunted! Visit my blog to consult dozens of spells or consult the last section of the Diary of a witch where you will find simple spells for everything, as well as the system to make them effective.

What are the tools for casting spells?

We have the tools of the magician that are consecrated and handle the energy of the elements, such are: the rod, the athame or dagger, the chalice, the pentagram, the broom and the cauldron.

There are also tools for sorcery, these are used to channel energy such as candles, plants, colors, essences, crystals, etc.

Can Samak help me cast a spell?

Of course, you can request it in the consultation section.

It should be noted that Samak does not make spells to harm people.


About Samak

Samak is the founder of Centro de Estudios Alquimist

Writer of 7 books and influencer in paganism.


Samak Books

Samak has written 7 books so far on the path of witchcraft

How to contact Samak?

He will gladly assist you on an appointment. It should be noted that due to the workload you have, the first people you will have contact with in networks are your academic advisors and their assistant who will be happy to guide you.

To talk about specific issues, you can gladly make a spiritual appointment.

I want to learn more, what comes next?

We invite you to be part of the Alquimist Academy by taking a course, subscribe to the Mundo Alquimist Youtube channel, follow us on our networks and blogs.

You can also read Samak's books.


Blessings and happy reunion!