"Develop all your magical potential"

Are you looking to prepare as a witch?

Do you want to start exploring your path in magic?


To be a witch is to be wise and to be a consummate witch you must study, know, train and practice your gifts and abilities with the appropriate tools and information that here in "Alchemist World" we have for you.  


INTEGRALLY you will find the opportunity to study:

  • The Old Tradition and its practices.

  • Contact the spirits of nature, the Goddess, sorcery, the other dimensions and your own divinity

  • You will explore your gifts and activate them.

  • You will get everything you need to start in the world of magic.


Requirements: The best thing is that you do not need previous knowledge .


"The art of being a witch" is a series of courses that integrate a comprehensive training of 9 courses in 13 months, where you will go through different topics in depth to achieve your full development in the world of magic .