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"Develop all your magical potential"

Are you looking to prepare as a witch?

Do you want to start exploring your path in magic?


To be a witch is to be wise and to be a consummate witch you must study, know, train and practice your gifts and abilities with the appropriate tools and information that here in "Alchemist World" we have for you.  


INTEGRALLY you will find the opportunity to study:

  • The Old Tradition and its practices.

  • Contact the spirits of nature, the Goddess, sorcery, the other dimensions and your own divinity

  • You will explore your gifts and activate them.

  • You will get everything you need to start in the world of magic.


Requirements: The best thing is that you do not need previous knowledge .


"The art of being a witch" is a series of courses that integrate a comprehensive training of 9 courses in 13 months, where you will go through different topics in depth to achieve your full development in the world of magic .

Do you have gifts but don't know how to develop them?

Don't you know what gifts you have?

¿Qué necesitas ?

  • Ser bruja es ser sabia.

  • Para ser una bruja consumada debes estudiar, conocer, entrenar.

  • Practicar tus dones y habilidades.

  • Saber usar las herramientas adecuadas.

  • Lo mejor es que no necesitas conocimientos previos.

Obtén todo esto aquí en "Mundo Alquimist".

Do you have gifts but don't know how to develop them?

Don't you know what gifts you have?

Aprende sobre: 

  • La Vieja Tradición y sus prácticas.

  • Contactar con los espíritus de la naturaleza, la Diosa, la hechicería, las otras dimensiones y tu propia divinidad.

  • Explorar tus dones y activarlos.

  • Obtener todo lo necesario para comenzar en el mundo de la magia.


Incluye 9 cursos:


Modalidad: En vivo 100% on line.

Acceso a videos de por vida. 


  • Precio: $1,200 MXN - $60 USD mensuales por 13 meses.

  • Ahorra haciendo un pago único anual.  $12,480 MXN - $624 USD 

  • Ahorras $3,120 MXN - $156 USD 

  • Además: Obtén regalos por $4,550 MXN -$228 USD

  • Es necesario pagar la inscripción anual. $350 MXN o $18 USD


  • Diplomas por curso y por formación completa.

  • Formación certificada internacionalmente. 

  • Actualizaciones permanentes.

  • Manuales por curso.

  • Formas parte del Club Alquimist.

  • Formas parte del Coven Alquimist (Aquelarre).

  • Bonus: Obtén regalos.

  • Regalos en pago mensual: $4550 MSX o $228 USD.


Opción 1: Cuando lo desees. Avanza a tu ritmo desde cualquier parte del mundo.

Duración: 13 meses.

This course is for you if ...

You have magical gifts and you want to develop them.

You want to develop as a witch by obtaining solid bases, information, tools and fundamentals about Modern Witchcraft and its practices.


You are interested in learning about the ancient art of magic , moon and sun rituals , fairies, spells, witches, mysteries, etc.


You are in search of a spiritual path that connects you with yourself and nature and the feminine face of divinity.



Do you want to take this LIVE online training hand in hand with Samak ?
Get ready to be part of this new generation, we start in September 2021


Samak Artemis

Samak, Wiccan Priestess, with 7 published books and known as one of the most influential pagan women in Mexico. She has her radio show "I'm a witch, so what!"

With an extensive academic and professional career (PhD), she is a therapist, teaches classes at Universities and at its Academy of Magic and Alchemy. She is recognized among the 15 most influential people in paganism in Mexico.

He is a member of various fraternities and frequently participates in radio and television programs. Founder of Mundo Alquimist and the Brotherhood of Hekate; His gifts and multidisciplinary studies have helped him find a higher perspective on life and guide others on their spiritual path and the development of the virtues of being.




  • You will get all nine courses in videos. They are available in the Classroom. You will have access for life . Where you will know everything about the Old Tradition and you will develop your gifts .


  • You will activate the witch's abilities.

  • Manuals for each course.


  • Get a diploma for each course and for the complete training.


  • Sessions with Samak of summary and questions and answers.


  • Receive the monthly newsletter where you will be informed of discounts and benefits for you.


  • Membership in the Alquimist Club , you will become a VIP member with great benefits, discounts, gifts and preferential treatment.




13 meses de membresía "Club Alquimist" 

GRATIS $4,550 MXN - $228 USD

Foto 06-01-21 23 03 14.jpg


1. Comenzarás con el curso de Witchcraft 1.   Ver temario

2. Te llegará un email con los datos de acceso al classroom desde donde podrás ver los videos de la clase.

3. Se te agregará a tres chats: El chat de la Formación en Misterios de la Magia y el chat de la escuela llamado "Los dones de la bruja" y el chat del Club Alquimist. 

4. En el chat de la escuela se te informará sobre los aquelarres próximos.


Related books:


The life of a Wiccan priestess, what she thinks, how she lives, what happens to her. Spells, tips and more.


Protect your energy. The types of witchcraft that exist, how to identify them and get rid of them.


History of witchcraft and

types of witches

What do our students say?


Denise Velasco


Studying Wicca made me more aware of life as a whole, to realize that magic exists in everything, and that I am part of that whole. It taught me to better perceive the nature of people and the why of things, to pay attention to dreams, to my environment and to connect with the wind, with the night and the messages that opportunely reach me to heal and provide happiness to me. lifetime.


Ariaa Moreno


My life changed significantly thanks to the clarity that I have today, of who I am and of being able to understand that everything that happens in my life has a purpose and a meaning greater than the apparent one, why we are more than this body. I recognize the power to bless everything and everyone, the power to feel even the most subtle and why everything exists.

Ángela 2 -2-.jpg

Angela Navarrete


Wicca deepened my true connection to magic and nature.
The tools and guides I have received from Samak have been a true blessing. I lost that fear that I had. The magical change in my life has been incredible, profound, not only to help myself but also to be there for those who need it.


Maricela camacho

The withcraft course has left me a lot of knowledge when knowing that we inherit magic from our ancestors that we have gifts, magic, we just have to focus on it starting from a knowledge started because witches know how to make our broom, I have cleaned myself and my family with very good results, I practice high and low magic I feel like a modern witch using essential oils are wonderful since you don't have to struggle to get the plants



Be part of the coven.

Start your complete training in the art of being a witch
For $ 1200 MXN or $ 60 USD per month + Annual registration

Diseño sin título.png

Being a witch is ...

He is someone who worships nature and perceives divinity as the masculine and feminine consciousness; you become part of a multidimensional world, is to recognize other dimensions and realms. It is reconnecting and alienating yourself with the forces of nature, the Great Goddess and her cycles and magic; It is communicating and working with the ancestral energies, from other worlds, such as fairies, gods and guides. It is reconnecting with the sacred and your divinity through rituals that remind you of who you are and your role in the world as a server and discoverer of mysteries.


Puedes tener Acceso a la carrera por AÑO o COMPLETA.

Más de 500 videos, certificaciones, diplomas, actualzaciones de 36 cursos y las 5 formaciones completas.


BPW Cursos .png


Initiatory astrology and oracles:"Learn from the stars and ancient oracles."













Alchemy:"Achieve the great alchemical work that is your divinization and the highest expression of your being."

BPW Cursos .png
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