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"Know about your previous lives "

Regressions are a technique that uses different states of consciousness to find memories of past lives or incarnations, the goal is to find obstacles that impede your path of growth and open the way to your personal spiritual experience .
During the course you will learn the technique to carry out regressions and you will practice on your past lives. Without the need for prior knowledge , you will be able to obtain a resolution to integrate into your current life in order to dissolve those ties that you will now have conscious.


By learning to do past life regressions for yourself and to help other people, you will be able to answer the unknowns : Who was I in my past lives? And what messages are there for me from those lives?


  • Introduction and philosophy of nature

  • The philosophy of the system

  • Bases of this millenary knowledge and Alan Kardec

  • Practices


You can request that you do a regression before with Samak, to test the method:

Request Past Life Regression

Modality: online videos through the Google Classroom platform (you will have access to materials and content, it will allow you to go at your own pace)

Duration:   9. 5 hours

Price:   $ 1400 MXN - $ 70 USD


Samak Artemis

Samak, Wiccan Priestess, with 7 published books and known as one of the most influential pagan women in Mexico. She has her radio show "I'm a witch, so what!" With an extensive academic and professional career (PhD), she is a therapist, teaches classes at Universities and at its Academy of Magic and Alchemy.

She is recognized among the 15 most influential people in paganism in Mexico. He is a member of various fraternities and frequently participates in radio and television programs. Founder of Mundo Alquimist and the Brotherhood of Hekate; His gifts and multidisciplinary studies have helped him find a higher perspective on life and guide others on their spiritual path and the development of the virtues of being.




  • You will know your past lives and you will be able to obtain useful information for your spiritual growth and evolution .


  • You will receive the course manual.


  • You will know the theory and tools to practice them on yourself and help others.


  • Method and guide to perform regressions.


  • Practices to connect with your past lives.


  • You will receive a diploma at the end of the course.


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