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Book "Morgana"

Book "Morgana"


Gestation from a witch's point of view.

Questions about our birth , where our souls come from, who are the new beings that are incarnating on Earth, about the entities or shadows that share our world , interdimensional or extraterrestrial beings, teachers, elementals, topics about channeling, the paganism, magic and alchemy, among many others are raised and answered from the point of view of Samak.
Morgana, in addition to being the magical name of a cosmic baby, is a story with which we all identify because it tells us about the birth of the human being related in an analogous way to the development of multidimensional consciousness .

Price: $ 270 MXN or $ 14 USD

If you live outside of Mexico, you can buy it at AMAZON

On the book page you will find much more information about the content of "Morgana".

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