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Book "Treaty of energies and psychic defense - Volume I"
  • Book "Treaty of energies and psychic defense - Volume I"


    Every human being should know it.

    The subject of the energies and the psychic attacks is a subject that is believed of superstitious people; However, it is an ancestral wisdom that every day finds a real foundation, in addition to being a task that every human being must know to safeguard the energetic and spiritual integrity of himself and his family.

    In this first volume of the Treatise on Energies and Psychic Defense, the priestess Samak reveals to us the fruits of her research carried out over the years about the safeguarding and protection of our vital energy .
    Samak takes us by the hand along with its development along the path of purification in the light , strengthening the energetic and emotional systems, and shares with us the ABC of the management of forces to avoid the offensive manipulation of energies and supernatural acts . From the understanding of concepts such as the soul, the spirit and the aura, the opening of the third eye, going through the symptoms and detection of damages that begin with the decrease of the vital field and can trigger disastrous consequences. It concludes by giving us the laws of psychic defense, and a method to find the best remedies .

    We invite you to immerse yourself in this line of ancestral wisdom that for many years was hermetic, where you will understand and control supernatural energies and forces .

    Price: $ 500 MXN or $ 25 USD

    If you live outside of Mexico, you can buy it at AMAZON

    On the page of the book you will find more information about the content of "Treatise on energy and psychic defense - Volume I" .

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