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Astrological chart

Astrological chart

Natal, Spiritual, Karmic, Combined, Horary, Electional Chart, Solar Return, Hubber Progressions, Prediction, Therapy, Astrogenealogy.

Report and / or consultation of 1 hr. Choose from one of the following options:

* Natal chart: Know your abilities, your talents, your karma, the challenges in your life, your spiritual connection. about your ancestors, your life mission, your future and past lives. Last 5 minutes with channeling of guides. Report is delivered, with the option to consult 1 hr. BONUS : Short interpretation of your current solar return.

* Spiritual chart: Know your gifts and spiritual connection, evolution, types of spirits you contact, interdimensional travel, planetoids and an interpretation of your letter like never before seen. Report or query.

* Solar return: Every year we are reborn, know, according to the astrological configurations, what are the energies and events that you will live in the course of a year from your birthday, your mission, challenges and opportunities. Option to choose a place to celebrate your birthday.

* Karmic chart: Know your karmic patterns, lessons and challenges in your astrological configurations.

* Astrogenealogy: We will know your connection with your ancestors. We will discover the energies of your family history that influence your present and we will carry out resolutions through the planetary spheres.

* Hubber progressions: The Huber progression (age progression) is an important psychoastrological tool that helps us to be aware of the origins of current situations and distortions; as well as to identify what problems afflict us now and have affected us before and what processes come as psychological evolution in the cyclical course of our lives.

* Focal points: Identify in your astrological chart the points of: Abundance, Prosperity, Honor the feminine and masculine lineage and others.

* Combined letter and synastry: Excellent for couples, it is an analysis to understand the mission together, affinity, challenges and opportunities of the relationship; as well as where they come together.

* Therapy with astrological chart: Analysis of the impact of the stars, progressions, transits and astrological energies in your current life for awareness and action plan. Recommendations of planetary essences and zodiacal elixirs.

* Vocational astrology: Find your life mission on this planet. Combine with Numerology and deep study to find your Why.

The stars speak to us all the time, connecting us with infinity and our transcendental truths.

Price: $ 1400 MXN - $ 70 USD

If you are interested in studying, we have Astrology courses.

  • Important

    Once the payment has been made, you must schedule the appointment at +52 55 7665 7859.
    If you want to change your appointment already scheduled, you must do so 48 hours in advance , otherwise it will not be possible to make a change to it and it will be taken as a consultation made or given.

  • Doubts

    Contact the Mundo Alquimist team via email at or by phone / Whatsapp at +52 55 27428032.

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