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Kit Ogham

Kit Ogham

Put divination and prediction into practice with the ancient sacred alphabet of the Druids, take your Ogham readings. You can also use it on your altar.

  • Product Information


    - Wooden box: 13 x 13 x 6.5 cm, natural color engraved with the symbol of the Triple Goddess (Wicca-Celtic symbol), around engraved with ivy leaves in light green color that represents one of the OGHAM power plants and an inscription with the word OGHAM written with this magical alphabet.

    - Felt bag: light green color, 30 cm in diameter, tied with a leather cord.

    - Oracle: with 20 wooden leaves of 4 cm X 3.5 cm in 4 different colors (yellow, pink, purple and green) each painted on the face and on the obverse with the engraving of the symbol of each magical OGHAM tree.

    - Oracle tablecloth: in light green fabric, washable, does not shrink or fade. It measures 66cm X 65 cm and is engraved in the center with a mandala in OGHAM with the 4 purple silk-screen printing paths, with a diameter of 45 cm.

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