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Palm reading

Palm reading

Palm reading is an introspective vision of your deepest character, your needs, desires, and your attitude towards past, present and future circumstances.

Learn about:

- Your talents, challenges and possibilities.

- Recurring problems.

- Emotional history.

- More settled areas in your personality.

- Psychic powers.

- How old is your soul.

- Magical trends.

- Know what kind of witch you are.

- Tendency to retro travel and premonitory dreams.

- Your guides and protectors.

For this service you need:

  • Photo of right and left palm covering the wrist.
  • Photo of right and left hand nails.

Receive your report through WhatsApp voice notes and take advantage of this information to get to know yourself better and design your destination favorably, bringing out the best in you!

Price: $ 350 MXN or $ 18 USD

If you are interested, you can develop your gifts and learn Palmistry. Visit our courses page. Go to page

  • Important

    Once the payment has been made, you must schedule the appointment at +52 55 7665 7859.
    If you wish to change your appointment already scheduled, you must do so 48 hours in advance , otherwise it will not be possible to make a change to it and it will be taken as a consultation made or given.

  • Doubts

    Contact the Mundo Alquimist team via email at or by phone / Whatsapp at +52 55 27428032.

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