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Book "Astrology"

Book "Astrology"



From the same author of Diary of a witch and Morgana, Samak brings us astrological knowledge from a spiritual point of view.

In its work of awakening the special gifts , it gives us a different perspective to identify and enhance the gifts through the relationship with the stars and the way in which each individual connects with the divine forces , as well as the way to divine or sink into darkness according to certain astrological configurations.

By identifying personal dramas and better understanding yourself, you can adopt a new perspective about your own emotions, knowing what drives you to rise to the group and transpersonal levels, as well as other dimensions , and contact interdimensional beings to whom that can be accessed precisely through these emotions as high frequencies. In this book, the reader finds secrets of Astrology as part of a new trend of books written by Samak, Wiccan priestess, who in a friendly, magical and simple way explains the way in which one must cultivate, to achieve the potential of the astrological chart ; develop spiritual contact, extrasensory faculties; and find the formula to calm the regrets by understanding them and giving them the right dose of light and healing .

Price: $ 270 MXN or $ 14 USD

If you live outside of Mexico, you can buy it at AMAZON

On the book page you will find more information about the content of "Astrology" .

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