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Manual "Shifting"

Manual "Shifting"


Change of realities

If you are a passionate and constant person in the world of the internet, perhaps you have come across discussions about Shifting Realities or changes in reality; This has most likely raised questions such as:

  • What is it?
  • It is dangerous?
  • What does it take to do it?

Well, so as not to complicate things too much, in this manual, we are going to give you a small guide about what is around Shifting Realities or Change of Realities, explaining the details , as well as where this belief that has become fashionable among many people.

All in order for you to draw your own conclusions around the topic, as it could be a bit strange or alien to your horizon of knowledge if you are not familiar with these topics.

In this manual I present you the information and methods you need!

  • Policy of exchanges and returns

    For this type of services there are no changes or refunds.

  • Doubts

    Contact the Mundo Alquimist team via email at or by phone / Whatsapp at +52 55 27428032.

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