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Regression to past lives

Regression to past lives

Immerse yourself in the mysteries of the evolution of your soul by accessing your past lives. Break free.

  • It is through a conscious method, it is not hypnosis, in order for you to remember them and recognize the lessons and teachings of shocking events in those lives.
  • We go back to three lives.
  • We review your main lesson in this life.
  • We carry out a resolution for each one of them.

Price: $ 1000 MXN - $ 50 USD

  • Important

    Once the payment has been made, you must schedule the appointment at +52 55 7665 7859.
    If you wish to change your appointment already scheduled, you must do so 48 hours in advance , otherwise it will not be possible to make a change to it and it will be taken as a consultation made or given.

  • Doubts

    Contact the Mundo Alquimist team via email at or by phone / Whatsapp at +52 55 27428032.

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